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Best Insoles for Hoka Running Shoes

Learn what kind of insoles are best for Hoka running shoes.  Runners need shoes that give extra support for running on trails and roads with uneven surfaces. For all the comfort that Hokas offer, runners still experience slippage that can cause injury. Blumaka designed the Konnect insole specifically to improve traction within the shoe.

The Best Tennis Insoles For Maximum Speed, Agility and Cushioning

Learn about the essential features to look for in non-slip tennis insoles to maximize your performance and agility on court and provide the right support, cushion, and stability you need. 

Why The Right Baseball Insoles Are Crucial To Your Foot Traction

The concept of foot traction might seem completely intuitive, but there is more than one kind of foot traction to...

The Best Soccer Insoles for Maximizing Traction and Decreasing Injuries

Soccer insoles play a crucial role in enhancing performance and preventing injuries. As professional players know, a good pair of...

Foot Traction For a Better Pickleball Game

Pickleball has universal appeal from its adaptability to indoor and outdoor spaces, to being easy to learn and fun to...

Internal Foot Traction in Golf

Internal foot traction in golf plays a huge part in how much control over and power you get from your...

Data Lab: Konnect Insoles Increase Ground Force & Stability

It’s official, Blumaka Konnect insoles help you produce more ground force, move faster and maintain stability in your athletic performance,...

What to Consider When Purchasing an Insole for your Hiking Boot

Whether you’re heading out on a short hike or spending days, weeks, or months on your feet in the backcountry,...