Konnect Performance Insoles

Konnect Performance Insoles

The #1 choice for professional athletes and athletes of all levels, our Konnect Performance Insoles are backed by scientific research and feature our proprietary anti-slip surface which ensures superior grip, reduces slipping, reduces chance of injury and optimizes energy transfer to maximize control & power.
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Why Konnect for Performance

Engineered to enhance every step, this groundbreaking insole is designed to push your limits, exceed expectations, and unleash your full athletic potential. Elevate your performance with Konnect’s state-of-the-art anti-slip surface that ensures superior grip.

Designed for athletes and active individuals who demand peak comfort, maximum control, full-foot support, and an explosive energy return with each stride. With Blumaka insoles, you'll start quicker, stop faster, and cut harder, making it the ultimate performance upgrade.

Konnect Performance Insoles

"If my team is wearing Konnect and yours isn’t, we have the competitive advantage."

Donnie Ecker

Coach | Texas Rangers