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Step 1


We gather leftover foam scraps and trimmings generated by footwear factories and keep it out of landfills. In 2021, we diverted 40 tons of foam waste to upcycle into new products.

Step 2


We chop up the foam scraps into smaller chunks that allow us to use as much foam scrap as possible in a variety of footwear and foam applications.

Step 4


We create beautiful, high performance products that use up to 85% recycled foam in a clean process. When you purchase a Blumaka product, you're helping to clean up the planet.


David Washington

NFL Trainer, Los Angeles Rams

Wide receiver, Ben Skowronek, was
selected in the seventh round of the NFL Draft by the Los Angeles Rams.

"Ben trained this morning. He wore the insoles and liked them. He did the sock slide on them and was shocked."

Seth Pulford


“Our partnership with Blumaka has been an incredible collaboration and effort to push the boundaries of more sustainable footwear making. Blumaka’s innovation and process allows us to give new life to quality scrap materials. Each collection helps to diverting waste and reduce our environmental impact, while also providing unprecedented comfort and performance in casuals footwear to our end consumers. Smile…Pass it on!”

Sean Scott


”We're proud of our partnership with Blumaka. Our goal is to bring back the lost art of footwear manufacturing in downtown Los Angeles and we’re committed to making the most sustainable and responsible decisions in developing our products. As our name COMUNITYmade says, empowering, supporting, and partnering with others in our community is what drives us. Blumaka’s Clean Foam™ technology giving us a great step towards the future of clean footwear.”