Low Profile

Low Profile

Our Low Profile Insoles deliver an ideal blend of cutting-edge sustainability and explosive performance while maintaining a sleek design that wont compromise your shoe's fit. Our 2 Low profile styles are engineered to enhance your performance and provide all day comfort and support all in a slim discrete design.
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Why Blumaka for Low Profile?

Experience the benefit of explosive performance without compromising your shoe's fit. Our Low Profile Insoles offer an ideal blend, engineered to enhance your performance and provide all-day support.

Our Konnect Performance Low Profile insole is tailored for soccer cleats, track spikes, and snug-fitting shoes, these insoles empower athletes and active individuals to achieve peak control, ensuring your foot stays securely in position no matter what the activity.

Low Profile

“I can personally attest that the insoles make a marked difference in my boots and provide better support and stabilization than anything I have used previously. The Konnect Low Profile is a game changer for me.”

Wil Trapp

Captain, Minnesota Loons