Our Comfort Insoles are designed to provide maximum comfort and support featuring a deep heel cup, contoured arch and shock-absorbing foam to alleviate foot, ankle, knee and back fatigue. These insoles will cushion your feet for over 1,000 miles guaranteed, the longest lasting insole on the market today. 
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Why Blumaka for Comfort?

Experience unparalleled comfort every day with our Comfort Max Cushion Insoles. Redefine your daily comfort with these step-up enhancers, providing 17% more cushion and 14% more energy return than typical insoles.

Crafted with a contoured arch, deep heel cup, and shock-absorbing foam, our Comfort Insoles alleviate fatigue in the feet, ankles, knees, and back. Enhance your comfort and support across all activities with our insoles, known for their extended durability and seamless combination of support and boosted energy return.


“I do a ton of walking in the city and I have the Comfort insoles in all of my shoes. I won’t wear shoes without them.”

Tracy H