Why The Right Baseball Insoles Are Crucial To Your Foot Traction

Why The Right Baseball Insoles Are Crucial To Your Foot Traction

The concept of foot traction might seem completely intuitive, but there is more than one kind of foot traction to consider in baseball. And cleats alone aren't enough to optimize your game. 

Why Cleats Aren't Enough

When you think about cleats, it is easy to imagine that the traction the cleats provide is produced by the spikes on the bottom of the shoe. External traction is important, but so is the traction inside the shoe. If your shoe is on the ground but your foot is moving inside, it can cause instability. This can lead to loss of traction and result in poor performance or injury.

Peak performance can only be achieved when an athlete has foot control. Blumaka answers the question of how to increase foot stability in baseball. Their Konnect Insoles provide internal traction so the foot and the shoe can act in unison and maintain a more reliable and consistent contact with the ground. They can also increase balance in baseball, which improves all aspects of the game.

Running, hitting, catching, turning, jumping, stopping and even sliding require precision foot work. Baseball players need to run and pivot quickly and to change directions on a dime. Internal slipping can mean the difference between catching a fly ball, pitching a strike and getting home safe or not.

Pitchers Need Traction and Stability

A pitcher has to generate an enormous amount of momentum and power without taking a step. The windup relies on the contact the pitcher has with the mound, which is an extension of the traction the foot has with the sole of the shoe. If slipping occurs, the trajectory of the pitch changes–sometimes dramatically.

Getting a plant right by having the right shoe inserts can be a game changer. Blumaka makes the best insoles for creating the internal foot traction a pitcher needs for the perfect plant.

Batters Need Traction and Stability

Like a pitcher, the force batters produce in their swing is made without taking a step. The contact their feet have with the ground has to be sure and reliable.

A batter’s footing can’t just be solid on the ground. If their feet slide inside their shoes, the swing is affected. It can change a grounder to a fly ball. It can mean the difference between making a hit and striking out. Having the traction provided by Blumaka insoles means knowing your stance is sure inside your shoe and out.

Infielders and Outfielders Need Traction and Stability

Infielders and outfielders have to make split-second decisions about where they are going to be running for a catch. They may have to run a distance to catch a fly or they may need to rush a grounder and throw it back infield fast.

Footing is critical to their game and it must be responsive and reliable. Changing directions, rushing, and planting for a long throw require ultimate traction within the shoe as much as outside of it. Having the best insoles for baseball cleats is the first step in getting game-changing foot control.

The Bottom Line About Traction

It doesn’t matter what position in baseball you play, internal foot traction has proven to be an essential component of athletic performance. Insoles are becoming more important for foot stability, and the Blumaka Konnect insole is gaining popularity. Read about how Giants’ players Mike Yastrzemski, Tommy La Stella, and Evan Longoria put Konnect insoles to the test and have found a new edge in their performance.

Konnect insoles for maximum performance


If you play baseball, you need to pay attention to internal foot traction and the part your insoles play in your own performance. See how the Blumaka Konnect insoles can be a game changer for you!

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Q: Should baseball players wear insoles?
  • Yes, baseball players should wear insoles because they provide cushioning, support, and improve foot traction. This helps reduce the risk of injury and enhances performance on the field. Insoles can also help alleviate foot pain and discomfort, making it easier for players to stay focused and perform at their best.
  • Q: Can you put insoles in baseball cleats?
  • A: Yes, insoles can be easily placed inside baseball cleats to provide additional cushioning, support, and improve internal foot traction. This not only enhances comfort and performance