Data Lab: Konnect Insoles Increase Ground Force & Stability

Data Lab: Konnect Insoles Increase Ground Force & Stability


It’s official, Blumaka Konnect insoles help you produce more ground force, move faster and maintain stability in your athletic performance, all through the world’s best sustainable recycled foam insoles.

An extensive biomechanical lab study was conducted to test the athletic performance of the insoles, during which nearly 200 athletes had their ground force and body movements measured with and without the insoles. It’s conclusive that Blumaka’s Konnect insoles give you a competitive advantage. Every key metric captured in the biomechanics study delivered a statistically significant advantage for wearing the Konnect insoles when compared to wearing the stock insole from the shoe’s manufacturer.  

Konnect insoles were proven to give users a leg up when it came to generating more force with the ground. This increased force production allows for more efficient transfer of power for starting, stopping, jumping, changing direction and delivering more pop at the end of the user’s athletic movement cycle. Additionally, Konnect users were able to generate more speed and optimized stride length, correlating to faster and more efficient straight line running. The benefits of wearing the insoles also included better stop and start times, with increases in knee stability and braking force production also indicated. Increases in knee stability and braking force production means Konnect insoles also correlate to enhanced injury prevention.

Looking to get faster, quicker, stronger and more efficient in your movements, while lowering your probability for injury? Look no further than Konnect insoles

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