Non-Slip Tennis Insoles to Enhance Performance

As a tennis athlete, you understand how demanding the sport is on your body.  What body part absorbs some of the most stress from the game?  Your feet.  You spend hours on your feet, changing direction, moving side to side and driving power from the ground.  You rely on your feet for stability, power, speed, agility, and endurance.  To perform your best, your feet must withstand the physical demands of the game.

We all know it is critical to have the right shoes to provide support, cushion, and stability for the vigorous demands of the sport.  But why stop there?  Investing in an after-market insole can not only greatly enhance your comfort, but also improve your performance.  So what are the best comfort insole for tennis?

Here are some of the most important features to look for in tennis insoles:

  1. Shock absorption foam
  2. Sweat-wicking
  3. Durable
  4. Heel cup for stability
  5. Arch support (varies depending on foot shape)
  6. Traction

You can find many insoles that offer the first 5 of these features.  There is only one insole on the market that provides all 6 of these features, the most important being TRACTION.  We’d like to introduce the Blumaka Konnect non-slip insole.

Let’s start with TRACTION, the biggest performance enhancing feature one can find in a tennis insole.  We all hear shoes squeak as we slide side to side on the court.  Typically, your shoe is doing all the work trying to stop your body’s momentum as you move around the court.  But what’s happening inside your shoe?  Your foot is sliding everywhere.  Blumaka’s Konnect insole has .2mm microgrip on the top of the insole that literally stops your foot from sliding in your shoe.  As you change direction, move side to side, pivot, and take a 90mph swing, your foot stays in place!  This increases stability and power.  With Blumaka Konnect, say goodbye to jamming your toes on the side of your shoe and slipping around on the court.

In addition to enhanced traction, the Blumaka Konnect uses durable, lightweight, and shock absorbing ETPU foam to help protect your body and joints.  This increases your comfort as you spend hours on your feet.  Its deep heel cup cradles your foot to increase stability and comfort.  The Blumaka Konnect TPU top cover prevents water absorption, helping to manage odor and sweat.  The Blumaka Konnect also features contoured arch support.

The Blumaka Konnect is also the most sustainable tennis insole you can buy.  It uses up to 85% upcycled performance foam that is manufactured in a process that saves hundreds of gallons of water. 

A great tennis insole is a necessary addition to your footwear for increased comfort, support, and performance.  Finding the right insole will reduce fatigue and pain, protect your feet, and give you a better overall experience on the court.  If you really want to increase your performance, try something like Blumaka’s Konnect insole, providing you all of the comfort and support features while offering you something you can’t find anywhere else – Traction.   

You can buy insoles for tennis right here at

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