How Blumaka Insoles Changed My Basketball Game 

How Blumaka Insoles Changed My Basketball Game 

by Charley Hoffman - Principia College | Forward  (& Blumaka Intern)

Basketball is all about explosion. Starting and stopping quickly and then doing it again. Cutting hard at a moment's notice or slowing down to let a defender fly. I thought that it was normal to smash your toes into the walls of your shoes and sometimes blow through them when performing an explosive movement. I had become accustomed to my feet being sore and sometimes jammed after games.  

 Blumaka’s Konnect Max Cushion insoles were the first aftermarket shoe insert I had ever used. I felt an immediate performance difference between my new insole and the original that I threw out. Slipping and sliding in my shoes was totally normal and expected before using Blumaka’s Konnect insoles. After playing in them for the first time, I never wanted to compete in stock insoles again. However, I thought that the benefits I was feeling were normal, but I had no idea just how unique this new technology was.  

Halfway through the season, I wanted to wear my teammates shoes so that the team could match for a big game. I forgot to switch my Blumaka insoles into his shoes and when I stepped on the court for warmups, my feet felt terrible. I was used to the non-slip feeling of the Konnect technology. So, when I went up for what would normally have been a dunk, I felt my foot slide in the shoe, and I barely touched the rim. When I landed, I didn’t feel the cushion that I was used to, and my knee injury flared up. I quickly realized what was wrong and switched into my Blumaka insoles.  

For the remainder of the season, I refused to play in anything other than my insoles and would constantly tell my teammates to try them out. I still wear the same insoles that I bought at the beginning of my season. Normally, the insoles of any basketball shoe would be torn to pieces by the mid-way point of the season, but I still feel the benefits every time I step on the court. I wish that other athletes of a variety of sports would try this new insole and feel the benefits for themselves. Trust me, you won’t ever go back.