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KONNECT Highlights

  • Connects your foot to your shoe for maximum control
  • Foot won't slide, even when wet
  • Absorbs shock
  • Uses up to 85% recycled foam 

Core Features

  • Available in 15 sizes for a better fit (most insole brands make you trim to fit your size)
  • ETPU Foam is lightweight, has high energy return, and absorbs shock allowing you to perform at a higher level for longer
  • Deep heel cup cradles your foot for stability and comfort
  • Does not absorb water thus reducing the chance of trapping odor causing bacteria
  • ~2mm thicker than the flimsy insoles in most shoes
  • Contoured arch support
  • 90-day money back guarantee


Do your toes get jammed at the end of your shoes when you’re running or hiking? Do your feet slip side to side when you’re at bat, playing tennis, shooting baskets, or doing a HIIT workout? Are you a snowboarder or skateboarder looking for better board feel? Here at BLUMAKA we don’t think it's an effective use of time or energy to have your shoe stop and then let your foot slide even a 1/4 inch until it bumps up against the toe or side of your shoe. Our patent pending KONNECT insole keeps your foot connected to your shoe. So the next time you lace up, you can plant, pivot, change direction, land tricks, and drive power from the ground with confidence. Whether you’re a professional athlete, weekend warrior, or a 10-year-old aspiring to be great, we are confident you’ll see an improvement in your game. Don’t believe us? Try them risk free for 90 days. Oh, and our insoles are made from high performance ETPU foam we diverted from the landfill so your purchase helps us all clean up the planet. It's a win, win! Let us cheer you on! tag us in your success stories @BLUMAKA.

Shipping & Returns
Free shipping on orders over $100, and 90-day, risk-free return policy. 
First Use
Remove your current insole and replace with KONNECT. Loosen the laces of your shoes and widen the opening as the insole may grab your sock when sliding in your foot. Before lacing up, make sure your socks lay flat and aren’t bunched. If needed, trim KONNECT insole by placing old insole on top of KONNECT and cutting any excess material.
Care Guide
Pull out KONNECT insoles and rinse with warm water. Shake off excess water and let the air dry. Do not put the insoles in the dryer.