Foot Traction For a Better Pickleball Game

Foot Traction For a Better Pickleball Game

Pickleball has universal appeal from its adaptability to indoor and outdoor spaces, to being easy to learn and fun to master for athletes of all abilities and ages. Like tennis and other court sports, pickleball requires quick footwork–fast starts and stops, pivoting, jumping and leaping are all part of the game. Focusing on footwork, it is crucial to consider both traction between your shoe and the court, plus internal foot traction inside your shoe. Aftermarket insoles can offer an inexpensive performance boost for your pickleball game and all the traction you need.

Internal foot traction relates to how your foot slides over the insole of your shoe. Each time your foot slides, energy that could be used for powerful serves, targeted dinks and perfectly aimed returns, is instead lost as you work to stabilize the foot. Your feet need to be planted where and when you need them to be, which helps not only with performance, but also to prevent injuries from overpronation, sprains, trips and extra stress on plantar fascia. The Blumaka Konnect insoles offer superior grip inside your court shoes, due to a non-slip top cover that grips the foot. The Konnect also features durable cushioning guaranteed for 1,000 miles, and is made from up to 85% recycled ETPU foam, using no harsh chemicals and 99% less water than other insoles.

What do you need to consider when looking for the perfect pickleball insole?

Questions To Ask When Buying Pickleball insoles

  • Q: What are necessary insole features for Pickleball?
    • A: Look for an insole that provides durable cushioning, moisture-wicking, internal foot traction and aids in stability. The Blumaka Konnect features an anti-slip top cover that helps secure the foot inside the shoe, while keeping you stable.  
    • Additionally, these insoles incorporate built-in heel, arch, and ball of foot support, enhancing comfort and reducing foot fatigue.
    • Q: Why is internal foot traction important in Pickleball?
    • A: Internal foot traction is crucial in Pickleball because it ensures that your feet remain firmly planted within your shoes during quick movements, such as shuffling, leaping, and pivoting. Without proper traction, your feet can slide over the insole within the shoe, causing a loss of momentum, balance, and potentially leading to injuries like sprained ankles, slips resulting in bruising and abrasions, or even torn plantar fascia. 
    • Q:Are sustainable insoles available?
    • A: Yes. Recycled foam insole technology has resulted in insoles that optimize the durable cushioning of foam without the waste. Blumaka insoles are made of up to 85% recycled foam discarded by global footwear manufacturers, and their manufacturing includes no harsh chemicals and only trace amounts of water.