We Are Thoughtfully Unpackaged where possible & 100% Recycled Packaging everywhere else

Our packaging is minimal and recyclable!

We worked with Sustainability expert, Copeland Consultancy LLC, to understand the impacts of packaging. Here’s what we learned.

Our Mailers

The main priority in packaging is to utilize something that every customer’s waste management center can handle. Different cities have different capabilities and it creates confusion. Biodegradable or compostable bags are not accepted by every center and not everyone knows where to put them – in trash or in green waste? Plastic is obviously, bad. But nearly every recycling center around the world can accept paper and recycle it. That’s why we chose a 100% recycled brown paper envelope as our mailer. Put it in the recycling bin and know that it can be repurposed, again. We also chose to minimally “decorate” our envelope, because every time you print and stick you’re creating more waste.

Unpackaged Insoles

You won’t find your insoles wrapped in extra packaging. Sleeves, tags, inserts, and return labels all contribute to waste. We’re being thoughtful about what we do because protecting the planet starts with companies like us.

Thoughtful Shipping

All BLUMAKA insoles will ship USPS by default. USPS is required to visit every household in the United States six days a week, so since they're already going to your house, we'd like them to drop off your insoles at the same time. UPS is a luxury choices as they make a special trip to your house. Any package shipped by UPS adds to the carbon footprint.