What to Consider When Purchasing an Insole for your Hiking Boot

What to Consider When Purchasing an Insole for your Hiking Boot

Whether you’re heading out on a short hike or spending days, weeks, or months on your feet in the backcountry, adding a hiking boot insole is always a great idea. 

The insoles that come in your hiking shoes are typically made from inexpensive foam, which is thin and unsupportive.  They provide little support and comfort for such a strenuous activity.  Aftermarket hiking boot insoles can add the protection, cushioning and support you need to make it through the demands of being on your feet for hours, often on variable terrain.

While adding critical cushioning and support, aftermarket hiking boot inserts can also reduce foot pain, prevent hotspots, and improve balance and stability.  When looking for a hiking insole, you should consider one that has great shock-absorption, has high energy return to keep your feet moving, are made of durable foam for long-lasting comfort, and are supportive in key areas like the heel and the arch.  Making sure you have enough foam to protect your heel and forefoot is critical for lasting comfort, especially if you’re adding the weight of a pack or backpack.  Other key features when looking for an insole for your hiking boot include odor control and moisture-wicking for breathability.   

You can add aftermarket hiking insoles to any kind of shoe that you hike in, whether it’s a trail running shoe or a traditional hiking boot.

The Blumaka Konnect includes these key features.  This hiking insole was tested over 1,140 miles with a pack on, and experienced virtually no change in cushioning, while increasing in energy return.  This insole takes the win for durable, long-lasting cushioning, and will often perform better than new insoles even after it has been used.  It’s cushioning and energy return will also outlast your hiking shoe, and help extend the life of your boots.  

The Blumaka Konnect also adds a key feature – foot slipping mitigation.  Do you remember what it’s like for your toes to feel jammed at the end of the day from walking downhill?  Have you felt your feet slipping and your heel lifting while walking uphill?  Konnect’s microgrip top cover ensures your foot will stay connected to the insole, thus reducing painful movement inside of your shoe.  This will reduce hot spots on all parts of the foot and provide better traction with the ground as you take on challenging terrain.

The Blumaka Konnect features up to 85% recycled content, providing the most high-performance insole while also cleaning up the planet from footwear foam waste.  It’s moisture-wicking to reduce sweat build-up inside your shoes and has substantial heel and forefoot support with its thicker, high-performance foam.  Heel cupping and contoured arch support provide further performance benefits.

It's always a great idea to consider purchasing hiking boot insoles.  For traction, comfort, support, performance and sustainability, head on over to Blumaka to check out the Konnect insole.  You won’t be disappointed!