Internal Foot Traction in Golf

Internal Foot Traction in Golf

Internal foot traction in golf plays a huge part in how much control over and power you get from your swing. Improve your game with this simple trick!

Like any sport, Golf has a long history in which the sport hasn’t evolved as much as equipment and techniques have. Innovation has been subtle and has always sought to preserve the integrity of the sport in a historical light. Finding the small things that can be improved on without changing the game is what sports equipment companies live for. Blumaka has found one such way and it’s so subtle, you can’t even see it! 

Rotational Force

Of the several kinds of shots in golf, the same is true of them all–that the control and power in the swing comes from the feet. A golf swing, be it a drive, a chip or a put, is a conduction of power from the soles of your feet to the end of your club. Maintaining continuous control of that rotational momentum, or bodily torque, will determine how your shot will go. It stands to reason that the more stable the feet, the more power and control that can be channeled from them. Rotational force would be lost if the golfer unintentionally lost control or contact with the ground. This makes foot traction in golf pretty important. 

External Foot Traction

If traction weren’t a concern for golfers, golf cleats wouldn’t be a thing. To preserve their greens, however, most golf courses only allow soft spikes or spikeless golf shoes. Even though golf shoe type comes down to preference, it can be agreed that traction is important and that cleats provide some traction. What is often overlooked entirely is that there is more than one source of traction coming from the feet; from both inside and outside the shoe. The right golf shoe inserts can provide traction. 

Internal Foot Traction

An often overlooked source of traction occurs between the foot and the sole of the shoe. If there is poor traction within the shoe, then no amount of traction from the cleat itself is going to prevent internal slippage, which ultimately loses power and control. Many of us have felt this at some point in our lives either while running, walking, hiking or…golfing. We feel everything in place, the swing going perfectly, and then a little bit of unexpected slipping occurs. We almost can’t put our finger on where it came from, but if we pay attention, it's usually a little bit of slippage happening inside our shoe. It seems small, but it can have a huge impact.  


We usually talk about insoles as providing added comfort and support, but what about added stability? Having a golf shoe insole that mitigates slippage from within can maximize stability, giving you more control and power from your swing. The Blumaka Konnect Insole was designed to create traction within sports shoes so that athletes can retain control throughout their movements and power from their feet. Experience improved connection between your feet and the ground, and feel the difference that stability can make in your golf game. Try yours today!