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How is a BLUMAKA component made? 

The primary ingredient in a BLUMAKA part is granulated foam, which comprises nearly 85% of the content of the component. The foam in a BLUMAKA part can be made from recycled material, EVA, PU, biofoam, Bloom, Poron, TPE-E, TPU, Styrofoam, Silicone, Neoprene, or any foam that can be chopped up. In fact, a mix of different materials can be used in any one component. If you have a favorite foam, we can use it. We are foam agnostic.

BLUMAKA’s ability to select the performance properties of a material before we fabricate a part provides brands with a high level of control over the ultimate characteristics of the final component. 

Once the foam mixture has been formulated, BLUMAKA blends the foam granules with a PU (polyurethane) binder. The PU acts as a micro-skin on each piece of foam and is the glue that holds all the pieces together. To further tune the performance of the part, we can adjust the amount and durometer of the PU used. BLUMAKA can pour 20 colors of PU at any one time, providing incredible flexibility related to the design and look of the component.  

Finally, BLUMAKA adds a TPU (thermoplastic polyurethane) micro skin to the outer surface of the midsole component. This skin is elastic, so when the foam is in compression, the TPU skin is in tension. This acts both as a moderator to reduce deflection and as a support to help the foam recover. To adjust the spring rate of the component, BLUMAKA can adjust the skin firmness, thickness, and material type. 

The TPU skin also acts as a micro barrier against water, chemicals, and other materials that might compromise the foam’s integrity. The TPU skin provides additional graphic, aesthetic, and color capabilities that are not possible on traditional components. This skin capability gives brands the option to have multiple colored parts with no change in cost or tooling.

Other tag lines:

Our process is better for the planet. 

It could save billions of gallons of water a year.

BLUMAKA upcycles high performance foam scraps into great new products.

Foam made right.

BLUMAKA converts trash into performance foam.

BLUMAKA turns trash into traction.

The BLUMAKA conversion process is simple:

We grind waste foam to create granulated particles which become up to 85% of the new product.