We Save Thousands of Gallons of Water

Water droplets on BLUMAKA Insole - We save water through our manufacturing

At BLUMAKA, it’s not enough just to clean up the planet. Making better products also means using less water. What we make is just as important as how we make it and is our commitment to making the world cleaner and greener.

BLUMAKA’S manufacturing process uses 99.9% less water to create our insoles than the traditional production process. Traditional manufacturers use nearly 9/10ths of a gallon (3391 grams) per pair of insoles. We use approximately 4 grams of water per pair.

Our manufacturing method could save nearly 359,578 gallons of water by 2023 if we hit our goal of selling 400,000 insoles by 2023. That's enough to fill 19 average sized swimming pools.

Here’s how we calculated our potential water savings.

400,000 pair of insoles produced traditionally times 9/10th of a gallon = 360,000 gallons

400,000 pair of insoles produced by BLUMAKA times 4 grams = 422 gallons

360,000 gallons minus 422 gallons = 359,578 gallons saved


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