Konnect Insoles for Teams

Konnect insoles are worn by players in over half of MLB teams, top PGA players in the world, NFL, and Division 1 sports around the country.

Anti-Slip Top Cover

Athletic performance starts with foot control. Konnect Insoles have a microgrip top cover to stabilize your feet while playing sports. This interior shoe traction enhances athletic performance by allowing you to grip the ground through your shoes. When you have control of your feet, you can plant, pivot, change direction, and drive more power from the ground with confidence.

Worn by Professionals

Konnect insoles have been worn by professional and D1 athletes around the country and can be used in all cleat, court, and impact sports such as running and weights.

“When your foot slips even the slightest bit in your shoe, you’re not going to get your maximum output of force,” Mike Yastrzemski, SF Giants

“I didn’t really notice how much it was sliding until I wore them and felt just how grounded my foot felt.” Tommy La Stella, SF Giants

Performance Tested

Konnect insoles were extensively tested by Dr. Geoffrey Gray at Heluxe Labs in Santa Barbara, CA.

Results show that energy return is 14% higher than the average.

Force impact is 17% lower than the average, which is a sign of softer cushioning.

Out of 32 insoles, Konnect outperformed all insoles except 1 that uses virgin foam. Konnect insoles use 85% recycled content and considered one of the cleanest insoles on earth.

Prevents Blow Outs

Ever wonder why shoes squeak on the basketball court? It's because the feet continue to move driving the shoes forward on the court.

When your shoe stops, so should you.

Movement inside your shoes, even a fourth of an inch, can make you slip, stumble, and get hurt.

Konnect insoles are the only insoles with anti-slip traction, keeping your feet locked into your shoes.

Athletes Approve

“I put the insoles in golf shoes that I slip a lot in… but no more. In my swing, I put a lot of pressure on my left foot at impact, and it was nice to feel more support as I turn through with the new insoles. I’m a big fan!” - Kate Smith, Pro Golf

“While pitching your plant foot is what creates momentum for the rest of your body to continue towards home plate. Who knew that an insole could help so much, with a hard plant in the ground there was no sliding of my foot within the shoe, which allowed me to use ground force more effectively and create an increase in my velocity. Pitchers are expected to throw a baseball as hard as they can, if their foot placement is off by the slightest bit this can make a direct impact on the result.” -Drew Lowe, Baseball, ORU

Cleanest Foam on Earth

The base material used to make foam in athletic and lifestyle footwear is typically petroleum-based. Dirty oil is turned into midsole or insole foam, virgin plastic parts, and nylon for uppers. Foam is dirty.

A team of industry innovators and athletes, fueled by a desire to help clean up the planet, created Blumaka Clean Foam.  Clean Foam is the result of a patented process that addresses both the materials and manufacturing problems.  Blumaka upcycles foam waste from the footwear industry and re-manufactures it in a radically cleaner process. We don’t use heating ovens, silicone mold releases, or steel molds. We also use 4 grams of water per pair, a 99% reduction compared to traditional manufacturing. We believe it’s the cleanest foam manufacturing process on earth.

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