*Best athletic insole that prevents foot from sliding inside shoe (slipping is losing)
*Gives athletes a more secure connection to the ground, which can improve performance
*Grips securely to the foot using .2mm microgrip on top of insole
*Foot won't slide, even when wet
*Cradles foot to prevent hot spots and discomfort 
*Uses up to 85% recycled foam 

*Available in 15 sizes for a better fit (most insole brands make you trim to fit your size)
*Superior shock absorption and energy return from lightweight ETPU foam allowing you to perform at a higher level for longer
*Deep heel cup cradles the foot for stability and comfort
*Does not absorb water thus reducing odor causing bacteria
*Thicker foam than the flimsy insoles in most shoes (~2mm thicker)
*Contoured arch support
*90-day money back guarantee.



Our Konnect insole was made for athletes to give them better connection to the ground.  For most sports, your only connection to the ground is through your shoes.  Konnect provides a more secure connection by preventing your feet from sliding inside your shoes. 

Why don’t we want your feet to slide?  Without a secure connection, it can feel like you’re wearing ice skates on your feet.  Sliding around increases hot spots, reduces your ability to drive power through the ground, jams your toes into the sides of your shoes, reduces stability, and leads to a loss of energy or a potential injury. 

What sports is Konnect good for? Literally any sport where you need to feel connected to the ground. 

Baseball - Basketball - Boxing - High Intensity Interval Training - Dance - Football - Golf - Hiking - Lifting - Obstacle races - Pickleball - Soccer - Tennis - Trail running - Walking

Our athletic insoles are the best sport insoles for the planet. We feel confident you'll notice a difference. Try Konnect risk free for 90 days. Oh, and our insoles are made from high performance ETPU foam we diverted from the landfill so your purchase helps us all clean up the planet. It's a win, win! Let us cheer you on! Tag us in your success stories @blumaka.