About Blumaka

Our Story

Blumaka = Blue Earth. Blumaka's mission is simple. We want to help clean up the planet by creating high performance product made from recycled materials.

Our insoles are made with up to 85% recycled ETPU foam generated by the footwear industry. We take the foam scraps left over from footwear manufacturers and use the foam to make high performance products. Not only does this divert trash, it prevents the need to create more foam because we recycle it into something new!

At Blumaka it isn't enough to create long lasting, high performance product. Making better products also means using less water. 

Blumaka's manufacturing process uses 99.9% less water to create our insoles than the traditional production process. Traditional manufacturers use nearly 9/10ths of a gallon (3391 grams) per pair of insoles. We use approximately 4 grams of water per pair.

We hope you will join us on our quest to leave the world cleaner and greener.

We Partner with Brands

Blumaka has a successful track record of partnering with companies to manufacture foam midsoles and insoles for the footwear industry. Our innovative tooling process gives brands the freedom to control and specify their own foam components. Our service provides component engineering consulting, rapid prototyping, and component manufacturing, all while using recycled foam scraps.

Blumaka is proud to have a meaningful sustainable solution for foam midsoles and insoles. At Blumaka we use up to 85% recycled content, by volume, in every insole or midsole produced. For circular life product where we can grind up an old shoe and make a new foam part, we target 25% circular life content and 25% recycled product. We currently hold a utility patent, a process patent, and three design patents.