We Are Not Perfect, Here's What We're Working On Next

We're climbing mountains one step at a time

Yes, we are diverting foam scraps from going into the landfills. Yes, our manufacturing process saves water. Yes, our packaging is 100% recyclable. Yes, we make high quality, high performance product that lasts. But we know we are not perfect, and we make it our daily mission to continue to push ourselves to do more, save more, to be thoughtful in everything we do, and be the most sustainable brand on the planet.

One way we are striving to be more sustainable is by bringing manufacturing back into the United States. Local production and local distribution is better for the environment as it reduces our carbon footprint from the need to ship materials and product to and from other countries. Our goal is to have a manufacturing facility in the United States by 2023.

We Humbly Ask…

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