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BLUMAKA: Using Less Water is Better for the Planet

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BLUMAKA’s manufacturing process uses 99.9% less water than the traditional EVA production process to create footwear foam. It’s not enough to just reduce waste; at BLUMAKA, making better products also means using less water. What BLUMAKA makes, as well as how we make it, demonstrates our commitment to making the world a little better.       

What we make is foam components fabricated from leftover scraps. How we make it is by utilizing approximately 4 grams of water per pair of new insoles or midsoles, whereas the traditional manufacturing process uses nearly a gallon of water or 3391 grams per pair.

The BLUMAKA foam manufacturing method could save nearly 11 billion gallons of water annually. That is enough water to supply 200 million people with fresh drinking water for a year. It’s hard to believe that’s the impact of reducing the use of water for foam midsoles to 4 grams.

Following are the estimates and how we calculated potential water savings. 

12 billion pair of shoes are produced annually using EVA

12 billion pair times 9/10th of a gallon = 10.8 billion gallons

12 billion pair times 4 grams = 12.6 million gallons (Yes, millions)

BLUMAKA potential water saving: 10.799 BILLION gallons annually! 

How much water do we use?

At BLUMAKA, we publicly report our water consumption in making footwear foam parts. We invite all foam manufacturers and footwear brands to join us in bringing more transparency to the issue of water consumption and encouraging sustainable foam manufacturing because BLUMAKA knows that using less water is transparently better for the planet.

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We reduce tooling costs up to 85%.

BLUMAKA offers a full set of tooling (15 sizes) for $8000 which is up to 85% less than standing tooling costs. The BLUMAKA non-metallic tooling is easy to recycle and has a smaller carbon footprint than traditional tooling. A full set of new tooling can be made in a few weeks.

This nimble tooling system liberates brands from the constraints of the onerous tooling process, freeing them to design new products and refresh them quickly to meet the changing market conditions.

Endless Design Potential

BLUMAKA offers 20 different colors on demand and the ability to make midsoles utilizing multiple colors within one part. No MOQ for color changes. No MOQ for multiple colors. BLUMAKA can change the mold texture virtually overnight. 

With these design options, brands are free to refresh and update styles weekly, monthly, or even daily. Build unique products for key retailers or your own DTC site. With this ability, mid-season style drops are no longer the exclusive domain of the huge brands.

Endless Applications

BLUMAKA gives each product line manager the levers to optimize the foam midsole to meet the needs of their brands and their customer. Select:

Type of material 

Combinations of materials


Combination of Durometers

Placement of material

Skin thickness


Utilizing the BLUMAKA process, one mold can make a foam part engineered in multiple materials and hardnesses. Utilizing these performance levers,  brands are now in control of their midsoles. Gone are the days of “one foam fits all” footwear applications. Build the right midsole for each footwear application.