How we work with your brand

B2B Services

Header: BLUMAKA engineers, prototypes, and manufactures high performance foam products with the highest percentage of recycled content in the industry.

Component ideation

During our consultation, we will engineer a part that is tailored to meet your brand’s needs. Together we must understand the performance, sustainability, cost, and aesthetic requirements of the project. BLUMAKA will typically recommend a number of options that will help the brand define the ultimate formulation for your foam component.

Component creation

BLUMAKA will work with your team or recommend the perfect foam recipe that enhances your brand and meets the needs of your customer. Your foam component will be customized and tailored to the application and performance requirements.

Rapid prototyping

Better product decisions can be made when prototypes or samples are developed quickly and with an option. At BLUMAKA, once a final design is set, we like to turn around wear-testable samples in days. 

Once BLUMAKA has a CAD drawing of the component that the brand wants, we will fabricate parts so that various material, color, and design options can be considered. This process can take from a couple of days to about a week, depending on the complexity of the part.

Component manufacturing

Once you have finalized your product’s foam component specifications, BLUMAKA becomes an integral component supplier for those elements of your product that require our proprietary production capabilities. We become a valued production partner with the sole mission of producing the components you need to achieve your design, performance, and cost objectives.

Once the brand has selected, tested, and confirmed a final component, BLUMAKA will manufacture the components to specification in our automated facility and deliver them to the location of your choice.

QUOTE: “The concept is totally unique, enabling us to use a much higher content of recycled waste or natural materials in the midsoles, while neither sacrificing performance nor style, and all the while increasing comfort.“

 – Jean-Luc DIARD // VP Innovation Deckers