Konnect Featured in The Athletic

We're thrilled that Blumaka Konnect insoles are featured in a piece by Zach Buchanan in The Athletic.

In his article, Athletic writer, Zach Buchanan, profiles Giants players Mike Yastrzemski, Tommy La Stella, and Evan Longoria and their use of Blumaka Konnect insoles. The writer also spoke with Blumaka founder, Stuart Jenkins, about tackling the slippage problem athletes face inside their shoes.

“When your foot slips even the slightest bit in your shoe, you’re not going to get your maximum output of force,” Yastrzemski says.

Buchanan points out that Yastrzemski put Blumaka on the radar of many fellow players and coaches who are now reaping the benefits of using the insoles for themselves, including Giants teammate Tommy La Stella

“I didn’t really notice how much it was sliding,” La Stella says, “until I wore them and felt just how grounded my foot felt.”

Players on college and minor league teams have similar feedback about the Blumaka Konnect insoles. For example, Drew Lowe, of Oklahoma’s Oral Roberts Baseball team put the insoles to the test and noted that he appreciates the internal traction they provide. Read about his experience here.

“…in a sport that chases efficiency, with analytically inclined front offices searching for any edge,” Buchanan writes,“what happens inside the shoe is an unclaimed frontier.”

We love seeing athletes get excited about their performance when using Blumaka Konnect insoles and we appreciate that Buchanan also highlighted how Blumaka is using 85% recycled high-performance waste foam, discarded by big footwear brands and bound for the incinerator.

Read the original piece from Zach Buchanan in The Athletic (article behind a subscription paywall). Read the PDF version in our Press Room, and purchase a pair of Konnect insoles below.

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