What’s the Best Insole for CrossFit?

With the CrossFit Open coming up we wanted to take a moment to discuss considerations for CrossFit insoles.

To start with, CrossFit is a dynamic sport where you’re not doing the same movement each day.  One day you could be weightlifting while another day you may be doing a Metcon or a combination of both activities.  Depending on what your focus is, you may be looking for different types of insoles. 

For Metcons, you’re looking for something to help your body absorb impact from the more aerobic movements, whether that’s jumping rope, lunging, box jumping, etc.  You’re looking for a more cushioned insole to help protect your joints.  A heel cup and contoured arch also help by adding support to the foot when moving dynamically. 


For weightlifting, you’re looking for something that complements your weightlifting-specific shoes.  Weightlifting shoes protect the feet, provide stability, and provide a firm stance to help you feel more connected to the ground. These features allow you to drive more power from the ground.  Your insoles for weightlifting or strength training should be supportive and stable with more moderate cushioning than what you’re wearing in a more aerobic shoe.  A heel cup can help provide a stable and cushioned platform for the foot.  Research shows that an elevated heel helps decrease back injury risk, provides greater activation and extension, and improves motion at the ankle joint. 

For both weightlifting and daily WODs, non-slip insoles provide performance enhancement by allowing your foot to be better connected to your shoe.  This connection prevents the foot from sliding inside the shoe and enhances stability.  While pushing off from the ground, a non-slip insole allows you to drive power directly from the ground into your body for a more effective exercise.  The Blumaka Konnect insole does just this, providing grip between the foot and the insole to enhance your performance.

There’s no one perfect insole for CrossFit but there are many performance-enhancing and protective features one can consider when looking for a CrossFit insole.  Whether it’s providing greater comfort or protection, greater stability, or greater traction, it’s always smart to consider adding an after-market insole to enhance your athletic experience.


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