The Importance of Interior Foot Traction

Most people have heard of foot traction, and most people want a shoe that provides the kind of added support that traction can offer. Athletes choose shoes that are designed to provide just the right kind of support and foot traction that their sport requires. But did you know that there is more than one kind of foot traction? That’s right! It’s called interior foot traction and it can play a big part in athletic success and even just normal balance and stability. 

What Is Internal Foot Traction?

Interior foot traction is the kind of traction that occurs inside your shoe. So whereas we normally consider the impact of our outsole as it touches the ground, we rarely consider the contact our foot has with the inside of our shoe. We need traction within our shoes, between our feet and the soles of our shoes, so we don’t experience slippage. Slippage can seem minor, but a little of that definitely goes a long way. 

Why Is Internal Foot Traction Important?

Did you know that if you’re running at a 7.5 MPH pace and you have just ¼ inch of slippage inside your shoe, it can add up to between 8 and 10 yards per mile? That’s significant for runners, soccer players, baseball players and the person who’s trying to make it to the bus stop on time! 

What Can Increased Internal Foot Traction Do For You?

We know that cleats provide traction with spikes that grip into the dirt or grass, but the traction needed on the inside of the shoe is where athletes can gain a competitive edge. Many sports rely on an athlete’s ability to start and stop quickly. Reducing the slippage that occurs inside the shoe can significantly shorten start, stop and response times, as well as add stability and support to joints and muscles. 

Just as important as the maneuverability that good interior foot traction can offer is the ability to produce force. Power sports use the momentum created by the contact between a shoe and the ground to drive force. That force is wasted when the foot is sliding within the shoe. Steady foot placement is everything and even the slightest movement inside the shoe can be the difference between winning or losing in sports. 

Watch this video by Blumaka’s CEO, Stuart Jenkins, to learn how interior foot traction can make a noticeable difference in performance sports.  

Dynamic sports, with lots of movement, like pickleball, need a shoe and insole that won’t slip. Even static sports, like weightlifting, need a combination of support and grip to sustain the athlete’s stance during heavy lifting. It turns out, the Konnect insole is not only great for sports like tennis, basketball, CrossFit and weightlifting, but for cleat sports as well like baseball, golf, and football.

Does Internal Foot Traction Only Affect Athletes?

Internal foot traction affects everyone. When slippage occurs inside a shoe, it doesn’t matter what you are doing, you lose stability, support and balance. Not to mention, slippage causes added strain on ankles and other muscles that have to compensate when your balance is off even just a small amount. The bottom line is, the more stability you have, the more comfortable and safe you are.  

What Are the Best Shoes For Traction?

Whether you’re a hiker, a golfer, a cross-country runner, or a seasoned dog walker, you probably want shoes with traction and a sole that works best on the kind of surface you walk or compete on. Part of the traction that is produced by your outsole depends on the design and depth of the treads, and part of it depends on the material the shoe is made of. Most of the time, you can find special shoes made for specific sports and activities. But providing internal foot traction doesn’t require special shoes at all. In fact, the best way to add internal traction to shoes is to get the right insoles.  

How Can You Add Internal Foot Traction To Shoes?

Adding traction to shoes has never been easier! You don’t need traction sneakers or special traction running shoes. You can get insoles that provide great internal foot traction and keep your feet in place, providing excellent stability and support. The Blumaka Konnect insole is made of 85% recycled foam from other shoe manufacturers, and is the perfect insole for keeping you sure on your feet and at the top of your game. Get yours today!




Watch this video by Blumaka’s CEO, Stuart Jenkins, to learn how interior foot traction can make a noticeable difference in performance sports.  

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