Recycled Foam Insoles for Earth Day

Put Some Step In Your Spring With Eco-Friendly Insoles!

There is nothing like spring to get us excited about going outside, enjoying new foliage and hitting our favorite walking and hiking trails. As a time to celebrate newness and the beauty of the planet we live on, spring can also turn our thoughts to how we can treat Mother Earth a little bit better. We can honor our shared planet by getting out and enjoying nature, gardening, or by committing to purchasing earth-friendly products. 

Hit The Trails!

Getting outside is one of the best things about Spring. Some of us can’t wait to ditch the treadmill and enjoy a park or hiking trail to get some fresh air and sunshine. But, making sure you’re wearing the best shoe inserts for walking can ensure you don’t overdo it after a long winter indoors. Keeping your feet comfortable and supported by wearing the right insoles can make all the difference…and since you are trying to do something good for the earth, choose an eco-friendly shoe insole that is made with the earth in mind!  

Earth Day Is Coming - Get In Step With Mother Nature!

Whether you’re an Earth Day enthusiast or you consider every day Earth Day, you might be looking for a way to ensure that you are staying in sync with mother nature. As you start to get outside more, consider the best kinds of shoes and insoles to wear for both comfort and sustainability. Blumaka insoles offer amazing comfort and support, but best yet, they use recycled foam and 99% less water to manufacture than other insoles. This makes them the cleanest foam on earth! 

How Do You Celebrate Earth Day?

Earth Day is a great time to recommit to making our planet a better place. Some of us seek out a service project that cleans up or beautifies the earth. Some of us celebrate by making a purchase from a company that is committed to improving the environment. You might plant some trees, garden, help out at the local recycling center, or just go out and clean up some crap! Whatever you do, make sure you’re having fun, honoring the earth and contributing to the community. Buying sustainable clothing and footwear makes a difference too and can be part of a new tradition in how you celebrate Earth Day. 

Eco-Friendly Insoles = Happy Feet & Happy Planet

A lot of people wonder if foam is environmentally friendly. Foam is used in most shoes and insoles and the cut-out scraps leftover from manufacturing are usually sent to landfills, making it toxic for the environment. But there is a way to make use of that waste. If you were wondering whether foam can be recycled, the answer is yes! And it makes a huge difference for the environment. 

Blumaka is cleaning up the planet by reusing the foam scraps leftover by footwear manufacturers. They are able to create shoes and insoles using 85% recycled plastic foam and cut-out waste from these companies. This drastically reduces waste headed for landfills and uses 99% less water while making their insoles!  All this, while creating the most comfortable and supportive shoe inserts on the planet! 

Springtime Is a Great Time to Make a New Tradition

Spring is a great time to get outside and enjoy our beautiful planet. It offers us an opportunity to reflect on newness and growth. Make a difference this Earth Day (or any day) by doing service work, planting trees, or making a meaningful purchase from companies that use sustainable manufacturing methods. Eco-friendly insoles will make an environmental difference and will keep your feet safe and comfy for your springtime, outdoor enjoyment!

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