Moving Beyond the Expected

I got a text recently from a professional ball player, an All-Star pitcher, and it included a picture. He was in a dugout, the stadium bleachers in the distance behind him, wearing a big smile, holding up his cleats with Blumaka Konnect insoles inside. He thanked us for what we built, and ended his note with, “I will never pitch without my Blumaka insoles.”

It is so rewarding when world-class athletes take the time to reach out. Each one of these messages brings me back to why we do what we do. 

At Blumaka we aim to think big.  We push the boundaries and asked ourselves:  What if an insole could actually improve an athlete's performance? Increase stability, ground force, and speed?  What if an insole becomes and indispensable piece of athletic equipment?

What if we could build an indispensable athletic tool that moves beyond what athletes have experienced before?

Many on our team came from the footwear industry, where success means selling a lot of shoes.   innovation is a regular staple of operations. With this success came a lot of waste.

Blumaka’s business is founded on the belief that the world no longer needs to accept that footwear production must generate millions of tons of foam waste that is burned or trashed annually.   

Blumaka Konnect offers unmatched grip inside the shoe and support that keeps athletes planted in their stance and ready to launch exactly when they need it. Blumaka Comfort offers the same cushion and response with a smooth antimicrobial top cloth. All of our products contain 84-86% recycled foam, and use a small fraction of the water normally dumped into conventional insole production. 

We are proud to make insoles that are accessible to everyone—and my favorite product developers have been those wearing our insoles day in and day out. We’ve gathered feedback from hundreds of athletes, adventurers and those working on their feet, day in and day out, to improve our initial Konnect and Comfort Max Cushion insoles and bring new products to the table for more kinds of shoes and wearers. We are excited to launch our Low-Profile and Arch Support offerings.

Thank you to everyone who has tried us, given us feedback and shared their stories. You drive us everyday. Let us know, how have we helped you move beyond your expectations? How can we continue to move beyond ours?

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