Foot Comfort Matters

Doctors and nurses spend all day on their feet, going room to room to take care of their patients.  Waitresses and chefs walk and stand for hours at a time on hard, unforgiving surfaces.  Hairdressers exhaust their bodies, standing on hard floors for hours at a time.  After a long walk joints can feel fatigued from the impact of the ground.

Nurses, doctors, hairdressers, park workers, tour guides, and so many more people feel fatiguing the effects of being on their feet all day long.  So often, our shoes don’t provide the comfort and protection we need because they are either have lost their cushion or perhaps were never quite comfortable in the first place.

Aside from buying a new, comfortable pair of shoes, people can look for comfy insoles, also known as shoe inserts, to add to cushioning to their shoes.  Finding the right insoles can provide the added cushion you need to walk and stand on your feet all day.

For the best comfort insole, consider something that:

  • Uses a high-quality foam like polyurethane
  • Is ~4mm thick in the forefoot and ~8mm thick in the heel (depending on the space allowed in your shoe)
  • Has a heel cup to cradle your heel in place
  • Has some arch support

Blumaka’s comfort insole does just that, adds comfort to any pair of shoes.  It’s a great choice if you’re walking or standing on your feet all day to give you that extra protection you need from the hard ground.

The Blumaka comfort insole features:

  • High-performance Polyurethan and ETPU foam for lightweight and long-lasting cushioning
  • 6mm thick forefoot, 10mm thick heel
  • Deep heel cup to cradle the foot for stability and support
  • Contoured arch support to reduce pressure on the foot
  • 85% upcycled foam

With these premium features, you can ensure that the Blumaka inserts are just what you need to add comfort to your shoes.  Say goodbye to the feeling at the end of the day where you can’t wait to kick off your shoes!


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